Clinical Consult CME Evaluation and Posttest
To receive CME credit for this activity, participants must complete the post-test with a passing score of 80% and then complete the evaluation.

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Select the best answer to each question.


Which of the following statements about the Vigen et al results is correct?
 It was a prospective, open-label trial involving men from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital system
 The Kaplan-Meier estimated event rates were 25.7% for the non-testosterone therapy group and 71.8% for the testosterone-therapy group
 The raw data event rates were 21.2% for the non-testosterone therapy group and 10.1% for the testosterone therapy group
 The absolute risk difference was 5.8%, favoring the non-testosterone therapy group


Which of the following methodological errors confound interpretation of the data from the Vigen study?
    A. More than 1000 men who received testosterone therapy after having an event were excluded     from analysis
    B. All men started in and contributed data to the non-testosterone therapy group. Statistical     manipulation was applied to more than 50 variables
    C. The final Kaplan-Meier estimate shows the opposite relationship to the raw data
 A and B
 B and C
 A and C
 A, B and C
 None of the above


The study by Vigen et al reported in the November 2013 issue of JAMA ______.
 Did not evaluate cardiovascular risk
 Agreed with prior literature that testosterone therapy does not increase cardiovascular risk
 Reported 5.8% higher rates of death, myocardial infarction, and stroke in men receiving testosterone therapy
 Concluded that testosterone therapy may improve cardiovascular risk


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